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May 06, 2010
Teaching Music Together®

Think about teaching Music Together as a p/t job!! In order to grow on the South Shore, I need some of you talented moms (and dads, of course...) to consider training to become a Music Together teacher! The pay is excellent and the work more than fulfilling. Please call or email me asap if you are interested in exploring this idea: 781-749-7565, ext.33. jenniemulqueen@comcast.net

Sep 28, 2004
Sophie Veronica D'Alessandro

Jennie and her husband Mac D'Alessandro ecstatically welcome their daughter, Sophie Veronica to the world! Sophie was

born Tuesday, September 28, 2004 @ 1:37am

7 lbs, 19"

Sophie is growing and delighting us each day. Above and beyond my new learning, I now possess an absolute awe of all parents with multiple children, not to mention multiple siblings. You are all amazing. I mean, I always knew this, but now I really know it!

Aug 02, 2004
New Research Position

Througout the process of earning Cert II I have rediscovered my joy in research and have been recently contracted by Music Together to read and write book reviews and abstracts to assist them in keeping current with all there is to know about child development (and isn't that overwhelming!?) This will be wonderful supplementary work for me once my baby is born in September!